8 +          2 - 5        25 min

Original Title: Dogs Alone

Released Year: 2021

Designers: Pablo Céspedes and Victor Hugo Cisternas

Art: Roberto Gonzalez

Board Game Geek:


- 104 Cards

- 1 Score Pad

- Rulebook

Mario Hugo it’s out for work and his dogs will not waste any time barking and howling for his return. Instead, they will mount the greatest party, so they can play, sing, bark and have fun in all the possible ways a dog enjoy.


But beware, if Mario Hugo returns and the house it’s not in order, there will be trouble!

Dogs Alone is a set collection card game where you must try to do the best disasters in the game while keeping everything in order so Mario Hugo won’t notice anything.

Game based on the popular Tv Show called 31 Minutos.


Dogs Alone.png