Original Title: Sanssouci

Released Year: 2021
First Edition: 2013

Author: Michael Kiesling

Art: Sergio Chaves and Andreas Rocha

Board Game Geek:


- 1 Common board

- 4 Personal boards

- 81 Garden tiles

- 1 Fabric bag

- 72 Action cards,
- 36 Nobleman tokens

- 4 Point markers

- 9 Mission cards

- 4 Expansion boards

- 4 Wild Boar expansion tokens

- 1 Rulebook.


    8 +          2 - 4        40 min

King Frederik IV wants to restore the great summer palace of Sanssouci, once the residence of his uncle, Frederik the Great.


To do so, his architects are asking you to draw the sketch of what would be his great garden, and if your proposal satisfys the king and his court you will have the honor of building the greatest king’s garden.


Second edition of the praised game by Michael Kiesling, author of Azul.


Recommended to Spiel Des Jahres in 2014.


Includes wild boar mini expansion!



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