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    10 +         2 - 6       30 min

The city of Simplicity is growing rapidly. Week after week new neighborhoods appear and it is urgent to find someone who can be responsible for this continuous expansion.

Over 5 rounds as a player you will organize and build the city, trying to place each building in the most convenient neighborhoods, getting points and proving, by the end of the game, that you are the best city planner.

Original Title: Simplicity

Relased Year: 2021

Designer: David Brain

Art: Sergio Chaves and Rainer Petter

Board Game Geek:


  • 8 Board tiles

  • 36 Building tiles

  • 5 Counters

  • 6 Sets of player markers (1 meeple, 5 round markers and 1 color tile)

  • 1 bag

  • 1 score sheet

  • 1 demolition token

  • 1 rulebook.



Cover Simplicity 3D.png
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